Perfect storm of books&audiobooks

How can we explain the reason why you’ve been learning the English language for nine-something-years and still feeling like a total fool every time you accidentally meet a foreigner, huh? Apart from laziness that occasionally snow us under, I strongly believe that the methods used in textbooks are simply not effective.  All that boring, fake dialogues and conversations, rules, grammar drills …no fun at all. I … Продолжить чтение Perfect storm of books&audiobooks

Blame the teenagers

While Hachette Filipacci and staff of Sugar magazine are blaming teenagers for shrinking the tumbling circulation, we are receiving the content we need for free( like foreal free) I’d rather say that no one have the force to change people’s habits , right? Then I bet you don’t need a second to realize what a pot of gold is now in your hands. Issuu it’s … Продолжить чтение Blame the teenagers