Monthly Favourites

All I thought about for the past two-something-weeks is that I haven`t written really good content for months. And as WE SPEAK is supposed to be a language lerning and university lifestyle blog, I wanted to share my most beloved links which I`ve found during this month.

#1 Quizlet/Anki

Quizlet is totally worth to be the first here and I`ll explain why. A couple of months ago while reading an article on Fluent In 3 Months  (I wrote about it on my instagram) I`ve encountered with the Anki app, but to tell the truth, I wasn`t  so captivated as I`ve never used flashcards to remember words in the target language. And of course price did its best, I didn`t want to pay for it as I always use Murphy and VIU to learn grammar and new vocabulary.

Here goes the best part. Yes, I`ve found Quizlet and it turned out to be the same, moreover it`s free and easy to use. So basically the first thing was to find essential words in Spanish. Even though I`m pretty fluent in Turkish (not really but now I`m somewhat  upper-intermediate) I decided to try it out and find some new expressions here. I should probaly say that Anki is free on computers, so you can compare both apps and figure out which one is best for you.

#2 The Organised Student Printables

Sometimes I feel like I`m a stationery junkie, because it`s way too hard not to spend hours of indecision in front of the notebook shelves. I also like everything organised, as I wrote in the previous post an if you derive a sincere pleasure from everything like this OR if you want to organize your live, then this printables are for you tumblr_inline_nklm4iNL2a1t38l0q

#3 Free IELTS Practice tests | Cambridge IELTS 8

Summer is not far away anymore and I feel like it`s the exact time to turn your language knowledge to the next level. 

A lot of you guys asked me to share some links where you can practice an international exam, and here they are. Above all, this site helped me to understand the system of assessments, as well as to find loads of useful links and books .

additional: You know, the least thing I like to do is cramming for classes, I always try to find a bypass. So instead of lurking through dozens of textbooks, the best way for me is to catch up with the same unit on YouTube. See, I`ve found something tasty for turkish learners.

I`ve shared with you dozens of recourses long time ago, so be sure to check them out :

10 Best Websites To Learn Something New



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