April Newsletter

I think that I should finally come by and share a couple of things that happened with me during April as I felt a constant buzz every single day. So that I can’t even put my feelings about this month into the garment of words as there was a fatal dose of conferences, verse retellings, brainwashing and brainwashing, and something new I got to experience — volunteering in European Judo Championships.

Well yes,  quite a lot of things that I should already be haggard. But what intrests me the most, is that I`m motivated and eager to accomplish my projects and ideas now than ever before. And whoever told me that I should settle down for some time and have a rest didn’t know that everything I do on the daily basis is actually a rest.

I`ll probably gloss over everything up to the main idea I wanted to share with you that hopefully helps me to stay alive during a whirlwind period of university life.

Take proactive role during your Uni years 

Well, this point might be an obvious one, but anyway we students can easily forget the importance of enriching our brains with information that goes far away from our major. This happens especially in the midst of managing deadlines when everything we are capable of is to dragg sleep-deprived selves to our morning classes.( considerably happy this doesn`t happen so often)

Take a minute to realize how lucky we are to have a chance to taste-test different exchange programmes, to find yourself in diverse fields and explore passions to tailor your whole life(isn`t that scary at the same time?) `cause finding and being yourself whichever way possible is the main goal.

Oh , enough with philosophical stuff, let`s go through another point which is «To Do lists»— definitely my favourite one.

Do you keep To Do lists ? Because I do keep them insanely thorough and derive sincere pleasure from crossing To-Do`s off. A couple of days ago or so I happened to put IELTS prep in it, which is now my favourite one to do and then to cross. So stay tuned, as I have loads of useful links and books to share with in the following article!




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