SpanishWithMe : Coffee Break Español

I`m not going to tell you how much I love Spanish culture (even though there should be some kind of introduction), because you are already reading this right now, so  you might be as obsessed with everything Spanish as I am or you simly want to learn some basic phrases that surely would help you during your holiday in Spain. Whatever the  reason is, I`d better start right away.

I don`t remember the first time I`ve encountered with Coffee Break Español (the same on iTunes) but trust me, it`s love at first sight! I simply listen podcasts on my way to Uni, as it`s always easier to get information on the go. Then I put everything in my super-golden notebook so to be shure that nothing is missing.

Another advantage is that there is two people that actually make real conversations between each other (and they leave some time for you to remember the phrase). And it`s extremely easy to recall everything that have been said as long as they avoid unnecessary information, and give simple sentences that you`ll be able to say.

It`s remarkable that conversations are made in the English language ! Because, as a matter of fact, English coupled with Spanish are very similar, but we cannot say the same about Spanish and Russian.With this in mind you`ll be able to work out your English, as well as to learn your new target language. Isn`t it awesome ? Yeees, it is!

Bye for now! xx





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