(Not so)ordinary March newsletter

Hello palls! I know it’s been a while since I’ve last written here, and the reason is that I have a pretty hectic lifestyle now than ever before! ( you know this gig about complaining that you have no free time to kill). But I literally thrive on it and can’t sit still anymore, and even now I have a bunch of errands, research works, lots of home assignments and new items on iBooks that are waiting for me, but instead I’m writing here, and I simply cannot stop because I get a satisfaction and healing from it.

I can say that this month is a life-changing ( no exaggerations ). Because FINALLY I’ve answered on all my Q’s that were torturing me quite a lot of time. And YAS I`m super excited about everything that is going on right now, all this lectures and all stuff about International Relations, new prosperities in life yay awesome! Can`t wait to round up some of the improvements.

As a language learners, students and all-time coffee seekers we can answer like a rocket to any crucial question but, on the contrary, stuck with an easy peasy one. So I`ve spent quite a lot of time wavering between American English accent and British(standard) English accent. And I ended up with Br.Eng (the BBC one), the reason is that I want to have a work (no more or less) International, Intercultural and all words with inter! (maybe that’s why I’m studying as an Interpreter, huh?) and I’m considering not only to be fluent in Eng in the end, but to give a speech, maybe teach someone, interpret, guide, whatsoever 🙂

Moreover, I`ve been told that anyway Br.Eng is a standard accent at our Uni, that`s why there are no questions anymore.

Let`s turn to WeSpeak.  I `m feeling my hands itching to give a fresh start for this blog. What if to make it more entertaining? To transform it into kind of site where you guys can always return for new info about how to learn English (intermediate-advanced), Spanish and Turkish. Which will cover the Q`s about books, useful vocab, podcasts, how to prepare for TOEFL with me,  some motivational things and so on! Yeah, definitely.
So stay tuned, I`ll be updating more frequently!

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