February newsletter

By the 10 o’clock today I`ve  been buried in the morning articles on The Guardian site, but when I came to realization that it was unbearable to sit still while the sun beams straight into your left eye I happened to look out of my bedroom window.
Neither a number of important papers that were scattered about the room, nor the thoughts about upcoming research works could intervene and disturb me from admiration of the the scenery of an ideal spring day:  a light blue sky, fletched with little fleecy white clouds drifting across from West to East, the sun was shining very brightly, and yet there was an exhilarating hip in the air. It was awesome, and I surely went out as soon as I wrote down the news.

Second month of the 2016 furnished me with a long series of stories and events of greater or less interest, of which I could hardly retain the records. But I remember the international event, which again and again gave me a lot of inspiration and was kind of a trigger to learn languages and #neverstop.
The things in the University improved, as Basics of International Relations and Country Studying which were added from the beginning of this semester are incredibly interesting. I also made a huge effort to decide whether I move to Spanish group or stay and learn the Turkish language, so I chose the second one. And something tells me that I made a right decision, but whatever.

This month also turned out to be «Sherlocked». Kind of ridiculous, but…yes, it is somewhat ridiculous. Anyway, it is obvious that it improves my language skills, as well as enlarges my vocabulary, and I’m absolutely tickled pink about that. So I watched Sherlock and all the interviews that corresponds between, listened Sherlock, and now I’m reading it so I suppose I will write some kind of review on it later.
Returning to the listening part that I’ve mentioned, I highly recommend you to download SoundCloud app and find there podcasts you are interested in! OR to spend time more entertaining than scrolling up and down on Instagram by listening BBC iPlayer radio(actually it’s the reason why I sort of died on every social media account).

What else…I started to appreciate the fact that now I’m working as a tutor of the English language for more than a month and feel like I’m able to pay for my own  expenses — not having it handed on a silver platter. So I try to keep myself on a budget, but go out from time to time and get to splurge on one item while shopping, because I can’t remember the last time I went on a shopping spree.


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