Step-by-step detox

#1 Sacrifice comfort in order to achieve something bigger
Yeah, we tend to tell ourselves that we will be kicking a bad habit ‘tomorrow’ or will start a super strict diet tomorrow, or start to learn a new language when? Tomorrow ?
And say, tomorrow comes, and all of a sudden we push back today to tomorrow, and tomorrow to tomorrow, and tomorrow’s tomorrow, and so on…
This is not an ‘ironic’ post as I always try to do, instead, now I want YOU to deeply understand that if you want a different result from other people, you have to do more than other people.
So you want to improve your English skills ? In this way you have to sacrifice time every single day. Just listen 10 min podcast if you want to understand the speech, but if you really want to speak like a native speaker — require 2 hours every day. If you don’t , you’ll be normal like everyone else. It’s the ordinary example but it actually works clearly for everything. It all takes time. And persistence. And patience.

#2 Embrace fear
We can’t stay in our comfort zones forever, can we? Not really. If we want to achieve big, it’s important to embrace fear and leap into something new(=exciting).
Wherever you go, whatever you do, you’re never alone on your journey, there’s people who have been there and done it, people doing the same thing every day and people who are looking to learn from you too. You can always learn from other people’s experiences, no one will leave you alone.

«In the end… We only regret the chances we didn’t take , the relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.» -Lewis Carroll

#3 Focus
Everybody from the early childhood up to this day says we need to focus. We have to focus on that very «YOUR» thing only. Then we’ll become successful. Or an expert, or whatever. But it precisely misses the point that before being able to figure out what to focus on you need to know what to focus on.
Translation: you need to test many different things, experiment and in the end figure it out what works for you and what doesn’t .
Make time for singing, painting, playing the guitar/piano, running, cooking, learning to code etc. And finally get satisfied about something you are passionate about.

#4 Grow more
Use your fifteens, eighteens, twenties or whatever to grow. Grow more. Like every day more and more. For goodness sakes, grow as hard as you possibly can. Don’t get stuck. Not for a minute, not for an hour. Don’t get comfortable.
Stop. Breathe. You don’t have to have your life figured out right now, because the world needs you to grow and become something it cannot recognize. Be someone you want to be. I know it’s very scary, like really scary but you have to put on your wings and grow. That’s the only way to build a path to a happy life. Otherwise it would be just that : a life spent. On nothing. For nothing.

It often takes a small reminder for you and me to remember just how highly one should place happiness and living life instead of just existing .

«If we know our time is limited, why don’t we make every second count?»


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