Blast From The Past (Thailand)

To be honest this trip was by far one of my favorites to date. It involved a good portion of time looking out to the horizon from the sand, admiring the sea gulls floating in the air and soaking up the sound of the waves in the midnight. And I explored almost every corner in Phuket and I just couldn’t resist myself from typing all … Продолжить чтение Blast From The Past (Thailand)


WE SPEAK by Aliya Zakirova «I think every language has a certain way of seeing the world. Each is a different worlds — a different mindsets. I couldn’t possibly choose only one language because it would mean really renouncing the possibility to be able to see the world in many different ways. So the monolingual lifestyle, for me, is the saddest, the loneliest, the most … Продолжить чтение ABOUT ME

January newsletter

It was a ten past four when we left a restaurant in which I was genuinely sitting all hopped up on caffeine asking myself ridiculous questions. And it still wanted ten minutes to the hour when we found ourselves in the Moscow City. It was already dusk, and the lamps were just being lighted as we paced up and down in front of the concrete . … Продолжить чтение January newsletter