What moved me to 2016

This year was amazing, adventurous, far-fetched, decisive, (insert another synonym here), and it’s already the 31st of December! So what did I learn throughout this year? I caught myself thinking that it was the fourth time I asked the question in the last week.

I’m going to rewind this year and go back to grade 11. Grade 11 was the most hectic year in high school with tedious assignments that took forever to do. It was my most memorable year because of the experiences I had and I soon realized marks were no longer my priority (like I wasn’t mark-obsessed as in the 10th grade). I don’t remember being constantly extremely stressed because of physics and chemistry anymore but I have never worked harder in my life than I did then. I dedicated myself to the things I honestly love ( I stayed at school to study until 2AM and woke up at 6AM and spent a good portion of time learning the English language). I enjoyed my time instead of burying myself into books and preparations for exams and gaining totally irrelevant numbers of marks. I participated in the conference (and won it) and I’m really thankful for those, who were repeating over and over that it useless and time-consuming.  So I realized that I will always get my own way and never settle for less than I dream about.

Summer of the 2015 was the most extremal in my life. It’s full of spontaneous decisions to spend 4 days in Turkey, fly with a parachute above the water, work in the FINA Park, and fly with the Balloon on my 18th birthday.

My University year crept up insensibly and maybe it’s the most disappointing part of this year but anyway now I look ahead with confidence and I want to get my goals faster. Every day I’m trying to be better than yesterday. To use every minute of 24 hours a day in the most productive manner, to read the Guardian while eating breakfast, to listen the podcasts while on the bus, to read a book before going to bed. I mean not to fall behind with my future self.

Was the 2015 my turning point? Doubtless. Did I make silly mistakes I want to forget about? Yes, a lot. Did I solve all the bread-and-butter issues? Not really. Will I find a right path of my future job? I don’t know. But even if I don’t, I will try, because as the saying goes «little strokes fell great oaks».

Happy NEW YEAR! I wish you to have this 12 months of 2016 indescribable, wild ,magical ,full of adventures that you could hardly put together letters to convey your emotions, endless amount of fun, sleepless nights, the constant buzz and senses overload of inspiration and energy, in fact, everything you imagined and so much more !

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