Perfect storm of books&audiobooks

How can we explain the reason why you’ve been learning the English language for nine-something-years and still feeling like a total fool every time you accidentally meet a foreigner, huh? Apart from laziness that occasionally snow us under, I strongly believe that the methods used in textbooks are simply not effective.  All that boring, fake dialogues and conversations, rules, grammar drills …no fun at all.

I came up with the idea that most of this stuff doesn’t work. Usually people ask me:»Aliya, have you ever been to England or America? Your English is so perfect» ALARM! I’ve never been to either, but from the age of 15(WHOA! I thought It was long time ago) I’ve found one of the simplest , easiest and most enjoyable method to improve my English- BOOKS and AUDIOBOOKS.

Well, for the fresh off the boat the pronunciation of some words can be the only one weakness of reading. Here is the tip: choose an easy book for the start, so that you won’t need a dictionary as you’ll guess the words (honey, don’t start from the original Scott Fitzgerald!) and find books with the attached audiobook to learn tricky pronunciation.

In fact, audiobooks are even better as you can listen them every spare minute.Benefits: they are free(I’ll write the sources below), it’s fantastic way to learn every language as you hear phrases naturally by native speakers and you still getting the vocabulary.

It goes without saying that the more you’ll be interested in learning,the more you’ll listen to it, the more you’ll enjoy it, therefore the faster you’ll learn.I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but I know it’s going to be worth it! So here is my beloved sources of books :


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