Troubles Of Education

When it comes to people, the average is a statistical myth. There’s no average.  And that might just be the single most important lesson for educators. There definitely no average student.  Not one.

Say, how much time do you spend a day finding the right future job that suits you and especially your soul? Even if you tell me that you have never met indecision I won’t trust you anyway. I’m not the only black sheep that every time in thinking over almost everything. The only thing I know now is that I’m besotted with learning languages, communication with people from all over the world and it drives me crazy to think where I’ll spend my entire life.

The thing is that the system of education mostly accomplished what it set out to do: prepare students for standardized jobs in an industrial economy. Don’t believe me?

The beginning of this year I spent in different events about universities in the USA (seeking for affordable Master and Bachelor degrees, Internship programs and all that stuff) and I seriously haven’t been prepared to hear that even Engineering Pathway divides into 7 different Faculties(Chemical,Civil,Computer,Electrical,Software,Industrial,Mechanical). And it took me a minute to realize that Creative Writing, Aging Studies, Nutrition, Public Health (and so on) really exist.

That’s why I’m of the opinion that if you want to really understand who you are as individual to nurture your potential, you should always be in the optimal environment and juggle with essential information to finally build a path of strategies for success. Because as everyone knows that even in Universities we are given just the basic information and it turns out that every point in this life we should reach with our own steps.


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