10 Best Websites To Learn Something New

We are all fortunate enough to live in the century of information where all things we are interested in can be easily received just by typing in the search engine. And now forget about overpriced schools, dreaming of the summer camp you can’t afford, long days in a crowded classroom and all that stuff…

You can receive rather finest education one can get from now on and there should be no reason why you shouldn’t achieve your goals. After a few hours (trust me, it seriously took a time!) searching for something extremely helpful, here it is: websites that cover myriads of art, science, lifestyle and technology topics.

 Online cources

Highbrow — Get a 5 minute courses every day in the morning straight to your inbox.

Skillshare —Surely, there is so much precious information for photographers, designers, writers and fashion addicted. Above all they are absolutely free.

Curious —  Another source that will unlock creativity and grow your skills with video lessons.

lynda.com —  Although cources are basically paid, you can find out some interesting free parts.

Udemy —I`ve already took some travel and nutrition cources, started the spanish language so it goes without saying that Udemy is one of my favourites.

Expand your knowledge

TED-Ed — Everyone talks about it, everyone writes about it, and if you haven`t heard about TEDx -it`s the high time!

Khan Academy— If you`re a real Science, Math, Arts and Computing lover(I know some of you probably are)this is all you needed.

Guides.co — The largest collection of online guides . Like reealy loads of information.

Duolingo — Everybody knows about it 🙂

Memrise — Simle app to learn some basic words by using flashcards.


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