What moved me to 2016

This year was amazing, adventurous, far-fetched, decisive, (insert another synonym here), and it’s already the 31st of December! So what did I learn throughout this year? I caught myself thinking that it was the fourth time I asked the question in the last week. I’m going to rewind this year and go back to grade 11. Grade 11 was the most hectic year in high … Продолжить чтение What moved me to 2016

Perfect storm of books&audiobooks

How can we explain the reason why you’ve been learning the English language for nine-something-years and still feeling like a total fool every time you accidentally meet a foreigner, huh? Apart from laziness that occasionally snow us under, I strongly believe that the methods used in textbooks are simply not effective.  All that boring, fake dialogues and conversations, rules, grammar drills …no fun at all. I … Продолжить чтение Perfect storm of books&audiobooks

Troubles Of Education

When it comes to people, the average is a statistical myth. There’s no average.  And that might just be the single most important lesson for educators. There definitely no average student.  Not one. Say, how much time do you spend a day finding the right future job that suits you and especially your soul? Even if you tell me that you have never met indecision … Продолжить чтение Troubles Of Education

“a person is a Unicum”

Архив.14 сентябряб15. Haven’t written a thing since at least the beginning of an August and as I barely have a minute of free time from summarizing all the things that had happened with me in a week I’m almost back on track . 10:25 I’m writing  here while sitting in my beloved place in the city , drinking coffee , all kinda cold but 200% … Продолжить чтение “a person is a Unicum”

Интервью с Андреем Малаховым

Сидя в кафе за очередной чашкой кофе я долго думала, кто будет первым человеком, у которого я возьму интервью. Кто же знал, что ответ сам меня найдет так скоро? Согласитесь, что далеко не каждый из нас гуляя после пар в Кольце готов увидеть Андрея Малахова. Я даже скажу, что никто не готов. Особенно когда ты представляешь себя берущей свое первое интервью безупречно одетой, держа ручку … Продолжить чтение Интервью с Андреем Малаховым

10 Best Websites To Learn Something New

We are all fortunate enough to live in the century of information where all things we are interested in can be easily received just by typing in the search engine. And now forget about overpriced schools, dreaming of the summer camp you can’t afford, long days in a crowded classroom and all that stuff… You can receive rather finest education one can get from now … Продолжить чтение 10 Best Websites To Learn Something New