4 ways to make most of your summer getaway

Your summer vacation is never out of the blue. Almost all year you’ve been wanting it bad enough so you are already counting days and hours to finally sit in the airport with a cup of coffee and listen to music with your rigorous daily used headphones .Aand, as we are all the same wave length,here are some small tips to fulfill your trip(in case you feel stuck)
1.The best part of each holiday is waking up in a hotel(apartment , hostel- doesn’t matter)and pursuing your wanderlust inner side.So, the essence is to fall over backwards to explore as many surroundings as you can. To buy a subway tickets, go to museums and picnic on a grass ,explore every building actually every street’s corner right as if you are a real city dweller.
2. Interact with locals.Just want to tell it once more. Interact with locals and try to learn more about their culture . Don’t feel shy about being silly , the thing I always repeat to myself is «this is the last time I see them and it’s all the same that they’ll think about me». You can always find out about cozy cafes , tips&trics in the city and the shops that hardly any guide will tell you.
3. WALK instead of taking bus or sub.Perhaps this is not enquire any obligation to comment .
4. I literally want to mention this point : wake up at 6 and catch the sunrise . Do it without any doubt because some moments and places here ,man , you got to see them!


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