What is my inspiration?

This is currently the question that everyone of us has to work on.
Because  you’re young , you’re full of joys of spring , you’re healthy and you’re breathing means that you’re living.So put all of your energy into your dreams and while you’re on your way to the destination “who am I” you’ll meet people who are walking the same path as you .
Whenever you hear “it’s too silly ” or “no, man, it’s not who you are” -run.
Just make a sense -most people can’t hit a glass ceiling because they don’t want to.  And the words:“I can achieve anything work-wise if I set my mind on it” should be your credo from now on

There is always someone who sings clearer , draws more beautiful than you , writes better , understands Maths and Physics ,  who has a better taste in clothes — those who we want to be similar with.
But when you are searching for inspiration the thing to remember is not to loose yourself. The issue is, once you start going after your dreams, and at some level, achieve success, you’re going to meet a lot of people who are interested in you.

That , in a way ,is precisely the point  : maybe it is YOU that people are look up to?

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